Don't let your marketing get stale

Do you cultivate your online presence and then get business from the internet or are you waiting to get business first and then pay attention to online?

I’ve been doing some research (Stalking) lately of some or my local businesses and the overall impression I’m left with is this.

Some businesses are doing a good job of their Social media, they have an active Facebook page with comments likes and shares. Some have nice mobile responsive websites

Many though, have an online presence that was probably created in 2013 or earlier, some websites are not even mobile responsive, Facebook pages are abandoned or get very little attention. One business had two very damaging reviews on the top of their review panel and they’d been there for months. None of them gave me as a potential customer a reason to contact their business specifically.
Now I don’t want to labour the point, we are all busy and probably would do better if we had the time. The thing is though, our online presence is always there. It is in many cases the first point of contact a new customer will have with our business.

My message is this.

If you can’t do your online presence well, either outsource it or take it down. Don’t leave it out there getting old and stale.
It would be like a restaurant having tables covered with the dirty dishes of previous customers left behind and waiting until a fresh customer comes along before they cleaned up after the last one.
You will never know if your business is being damaged by poor online presence because your phone will never ring. No one is going to let you know they would’ve booked you or bought from you but!!!!
If your online presence isn’t getting you business, then it’s time to take a look at it.

*Does it need a revamp?
*Does it need a change of tactic?
*Does it need a complete change?
*Does it need taking down altogether?

Don’t make the mistake of using current performance to make future decisions. Judge your effectiveness by its performance when done well. As the saying goes, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree you would fail it every time.

Don’t let your marketing get stale! The best advice I can give in a blog post is; 

Firstly look at what is working best at the moment? – If you have a website, email marketing system, Facebook page or some other marketing system that is getting you business then what can you do to improve on it?
Sometimes people will have some online presence and their not sure if it’s getting business or not.
You need to know, is it getting seen? A great looking website or blog is no use if no one sees it. A bit of technical savvy can usually answer that question. If it’s getting seen but not getting business, then it needs changing. Again, your presence is either working for you or against you. There’s no middle ground.
Once you’ve sorted the things you are doing and that are working, you can look at things that aren’t working. Could they be made to work with some adjustments? How and what could you do to improve them?
Finally, what is out there that you’re not doing?
New platforms are springing up daily and trends change.
Two marketing trends on the move at the moment are Pod casting which is growing rapidly and email which is having a revival.

Email marketing was given a bad image by the spammers who just bulked emailed masses of totally uninterested people. The anti-spam laws have gone some way to change that.

People are wary of who they give their address out to but if you build a good relationship with your clients, treat their address with respect and provide good information and a good service it is a powerful way to communicate with your customers and very low-cost. I’m sure you have businesses that you subscribe to and actually appreciate what they send you.
Our inbox is one of the first things we check every morning so we obviously expect there will be something of value there.
Recent surveys into the effectiveness of email show it has a huge ROI, is totally under your control, your list belongs to you and can’t be taken away overnight by Google changing its algorithm or Facebook capping your reach.

Don’t let your marketing get stale
Conduct an audit of your online status
Make decisions about what to do and what not
Choose a few things and do them well then test their effectiveness
Don’t try to be everywhere, only do what you can do well or outsource it.
Don’t do anything poorly or let it get stale because it does get seen.

If you like to discuss anything to do with your online presence just give me a call on 0400 631 774 or email me at or go to and book a time to talk business.