Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Programme

It’s like having a Gym Membership and Personal Trainer for the Emotional health of you and your staff.

Having a clear mind and a healthy emotional life makes any employee a happier, more productive and more contented one. They become a more efficient team member interact with other staff better and are less likely to leave.

Some Employee Assistance Programs only help when something is seriously wrong. People assume quite naturally that there must be something wrong with them if they need to see a Counsellor or Psychiatrist, you wouldn’t go to a GP if there was nothing wrong with you.

This Employee Assistance Program is different in that it’s designed to keep people healthy before it gets to the stage of needing medical intervention, just like going to the gym and keeping fit helps to prevent problems later on.

There are thousands of people in our society who aren’t sick, they don’t need medication, but they are struggling within themselves, their relationships, their careers or just life itself, and until recently we haven’t been good at assisting them.

The good news is just like sickness and disease; it’s much more effective to prevent serious issues, than try to cure them.

Everyone can benefit from this program, it never implies you need fixing, simply there’s always more to learn.

I work with people who are either;

A) Wanting to take their performance up to the next level by learning thinking skills and tools that give them a better framework for concise and efficient thinking, planning, managing and leadership.


B) Not experiencing the level of success they would like in their life, career or relationships at this present time.

Managers/Business Owners

People Coaching For BusinessThis programme can be offered to staff in complete confidence, it is available either by personal face to face meeting or via phone wherever you are and is great for smaller businesses that don’t have a dedicated Human Resource Department and a massive budget. The single biggest reason people are inefficient at work or leave, is the feeling they’re not valued or appreciated. By offering a Bunbury Life Coaching Employee Assistance Programme you are demonstrating very effectively that you do value them as an employee and that you want them to enjoy the greatest level of success in all areas of their life, not just at work. Your investment returns to you multiplied by having more efficient staff who feel valued and stay with you longer.


If your company doesn’t already offer you and Employee Assistance Programme like the one outlined above. Let me know and I’ll contact them on your behalf (confidentially of course) and let them know their staff are already looking for this Programme.

If you want to take advantage of the programme yourself without involving an employer, just go to the Contact Page and let me know.

Contact me now by phone +61 0400631774 or email paul@paulwebster.com.au and I’ll personalize a package to suit your business needs.