Four Pillars Of Business Success

Four Pillars Of Business Success

Four Pillars Of Business Success

The four functions every business needs to do well and four types of people every business needs.

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber has been a best selling business book for many years. More recently there was an update called The E-myth Revisited. This is a classic book on small business and well worth a read. The tagline is why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it.

In his book Michael identifies the different personality or character types required in a successful business. Based partly on this book I have created my own program that sets out the four different attributes that are needed for a successful business owner and how they combine with the four essential functions of a business. The four essential functions are vision and planning, mindset, product or service and marketing. The 4 types of people are the entrepreneur, the manager the worker and the technician. Needing four types of person as a solopreneur creates a problem because you’re not likely to be strong in all four areas. You will be stronger in one area than another.

The entrepreneur is responsible for starting the business for growing the business and for creating that vision and seeing into the future. Seeing things that are not yet there.

The manager likes to see order in things, likes things to run smoothly, she can work with people bring things together and she likes to see the business like a smooth running machine.

The worker sees consistency and security in the routine things they like to know what they’re doing when they’re doing it and how much they have to do. The worker gets the job done.

The technician sees order and sustainability in the details. They will be the person that likes to look at the numbers go over the books and drill down into the fine details of things which probably the entrepreneur would never give a hoot about.

As the solopreneur we are unlikely to be really good at all 4 of those things our personality is going to be stronger in one area than another, the trick is to recognise the areas where you’re not so strong, and make sure that you’re not letting yourself down. Take steps to correct it if you are, whether that be bringing in a VA perhaps, whether it’s consulting with somebody else, whether it’s utilising a coach to strengthen that area so we get better at it. The secret is being aware of the situation and taking steps to mitigate it.

I have created the table below to show how the personal attributes intersect with the four functions.

It sets out how the different attributes perform in the different functions and if you’re looking for areas that you can strengthen and improve in your business Looking at this table you will see where to look if something isn’t working in your business at the moment or which area you need to work on. Is it the business or yourself you need to work on to get your business performing well?

Personal Attributes And Functions

Entrepreneur Manager Worker Technician
Vision Creates the vision and sees the future as though it was already done Sees order in things, likes people to be like a smooth running machine Sees consistency and security in the routine things Sees order and sustainability in the details
Mindset Courageous, inspired, not constrained by reality or limitations Steadies the ship, problem solver, the fire extinguisher, the encourager. Gets satisfaction from achieving, doing, hitting targets, gets the job done. Needs the details to be in order, gets frustrated by chaos focuses on the specifics, tidies up after others.
Product Sees a need and fills it. Sees a solution for every problem. Wants to connect the problem and the solution efficiently The product is her focus, feels a connection and attraction to the product. Loyalty Something to measure and analyse check and correct. One part of a larger whole.
Marketing Creates the vision and maps ahead, tries different things, takes a risk, disruptive. Creates the marketing plan and follows up on progress. Wants to see results, more action, more efficiency. Implementing daily, aims for targets, makes sure objectives are carried out consistently. Tracking and measuring. Has it been done? Is it working, does it add up.

Look over the table and ask yourself, what am I best at? What is my weakness? How does that impact with the functions of my business? What could I do to offset that?

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