Know in your heart

Know in your heart that what you believe about your world is foundational to who you are, a small exploration into many people’s beliefs quickly reveal inconsistencies and uncertainty. When you’re not sure what you believe in, even at a subconscious level. It will erode your confidence in your ability to trust in yourself or trust in the law of nature, trust in God, trust in the universe, even simple random chance. Given that we get to choose our beliefs, choose one that supports and empowers you.

If you believe in a power outside of yourself, do you fully put your faith in it? Or do you say you believe but hang onto the controls yourself?

If you think there’s no other power other than your own, how does that thought make you feel? Does it make you feel, fearful, unsure, walking on egg shells or confident and self-assured?
I’m not here to tell you what you should believe in, that’s entirely up to you. You see there are people with a whole range of different beliefs. There is estimated to be some 4,200 religions in the world today and still millions of people who consider they have no religion.

Know in your heart

The important point is; if you want to live your life with a degree of confidence and certainty, you should choose what you’re going to believe and then act like you believe it.

Don’t wait for some divine word or an irrefutable sign before you decide what you’ll believe, it may never come.
You can simply decide that until further notice or something proves otherwise “this is what I think” and then act according to that thought.
For example; I do believe there are many Laws at work in this world. There are the Laws of science, physics, nature, reciprocity, probability, gravity and so on which give me a sense of certainty. I don’t have to worry about if the sun will rise tomorrow because I trust the Law of nature. All laws bring a sense of peace and security if you trust and obey them.
Worry, anxiety, doubt, fear, frustration and anger only enter into our lives when we contest with what is, when we wrestle with reality. If you choose to believe in nothing greater than yourself, recognize your limits don’t wrestle with reality. If choose to believe in a power outside yourself, learn to recognize what you are responsible for and what you’re not.

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