Life is a highway

I sometimes use the analogy of life being like a highway and the off ramps along the way being like distractions to our true destination or purpose.

The highway is going where we want to go, but all along the route are off ramps that entice us to take them instead. We could take any one of them and they all go somewhere, but none of them go where we’re meant to be.
Tom Cochrane and later Rascal Flatts both had a hit with a song called “Life is a highway” the chorus lines went; Life ¡s a highway, I wanna ride it All night long If you’re going my way, I wanna drive it All night long. You might remember it or if not this Youtube link will give you a reminder have a listen while you read this post.

Life is a highwayLife is a highway

The mental picture I’m trying to draw is this. Your life has a purpose. Your life’s highway has a destination. Possibly a series of destinations, the off ramps along the way are the distractions.
Do you have any distractions going on in your life?
TV could be a distraction, Facebook could be a distraction, excessive drinking could be a distraction. I don’t have anything against Christmas either by the way, it’s just one of the possible distractions along the road.The list of possible distractions is long and the way to avoid all of them is to focus on your primary and passionate purpose. You do have a passionate purpose don’t you?

Where do daily tasks like, shopping, cooking, eating, washing clothes and dishes and work, fit in to this? Can that be my purpose? Well what came up for you when you ask yourself the question? Does it feel like your purpose? Ask yourself the question again. Is my life’s purpose to wash, cook, clean and work? Did you answer yes or no? I’d guess it probably feels like that’s all you do but I don’t believe it’s what you were meant to do, it’s not your purpose in life. Would you be happy sitting in an old rocking chair in your retirement home looking back over a life of washing cooking and cleaning and say, now I can relax I did what I came here for?

So how important is it to make time to work on discovering and pursuing your true purpose? It’s very important. So what has to go, to make time? What could you leave not done without having the world coming to a grinding halt?What could you do without but still let the sun come up in the morning? This universe is unfolding as it will, with or without your input, so relax and seek that part in it which you and only you can do.

In business we talk about not letting the urgent take priority over the important. In your personal life, don’t let the mundane routine or the distractions along the way; put you off working towards your true purpose.

I’d love to hear your comments or share what your passion and calling is.

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