Reduce buyer resistance

Buying something of value can be a scary process. You are asking your customers to take a chance on you. Here are four things you can do to reduce the risk and make buying as easy as possible.


Single Page Website V Multi Page

  Single page website design is having a resurgence in fashion. Website design follows fashion trends just like many other things. A trend that’s popular today is single page websites that have sections for different subjects and the menu bar at the top doesn’t actually take you to separate Pages it just takes you to […]


Explaining what you do

Explaining what you do? Or rather, ‘Do you know how to explain what you do and have the other person really understand it?’ The nice thing about traditional job roles and professions was everyone knew what they were. There is a classic question that is the opening line for many a conversation and it goes, […]


Sell To Wants Not Needs?

There is a big difference between a want and a need. Sell To Wants Not Needs? As business owners it’s tempting to try and meet people needs. We’re nice people. It pays much better to meet their wants. A Lawyer friend of mine was bemoaning his life because he was having a constant struggle to […]


Boost Your Social Media Performance

Social Media is demanding and thrusts you into the spotlight. These people will  help you be a social media success. If you know Social Media does work, but you want to do it better, there are 7 People That Can Help Boost Your Social Media Performance. Life Coaches If you ever feel apprehensive about being […]

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