Putting down your heavy load

Have you ever found yourself doing something you didn’t want to do? Like that really burning comeback you gave in the heat of an argument, or the criticism you made of your child that was really more about your anger, than their shortcoming or whinging and moaning about your life and then realising the person […]


Questions to ask a coach

For many years I was a professional photographer. Photography is not something people buy often. For some it is a once in a lifetime event, their wedding. Others might buy photography a few times for family portraits as the children grown up, but it’s safe to say most of my clients had little or no […]


The Six Core Needs We All Share

Do you know the six core needs all humans share? Only six you might say? Well when you boil, it all down you will have at the most four core emotional needs, but you get six to choose from. The six are; Certainty Variety Significance Love and Connection Growth Contribution Every one of us will be motivated by having our core needs met somehow, whether that’s met in a positive resourceful way or a self-destructive way doesn’t matter. We will meet those needs. For an example; if you are a person who has “variety” as a core need, you would likely struggle to do routine things like the 9-5 work routine, doing the same gym routine for weeks at a time. When I say “Groundhog Day” you’ll know what I mean. Routine tasks are called “Chores” for you. If you go on holiday it would be an adventure rather than a pre-planned guided tour. On the other hand a person who valued “Certainty” would love the routine of a safe job with regular routine hours and a guaranteed superannuation payout at the end. So the questions are; Your Six Core Needs What are your core needs? Are they being met in a resourceful and sustainable way? We all endeavor to meet our core needs one way or another. Our […]

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