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Fathers Of The Future

The Fathers Of The Future will be very different to the fathers of our past. At this point in history, and for the first time ever on this scale, men are under siege. I’m not making excuses for them. They have dominated almost every culture around the globe for thousands of years, so to blame […]


Fake it or make it

Have you ever heard people say “You have to fake it, till you make it”? I’m sure you have and if you’re like me you also thought, what a load of rubbish, I’m not a faker and there’s no way I’m gunna do that. I’d rather not make it than have people think of me […]


The Art Of Effective Networking

Effective Networking has always had a role in business but in the past it was only in some industries and only some people who had to do it. For those that just suck at it, it was fairly easy to avoid. That was then. Now effective networking is almost impossible to avoid. Traditional marketing media […]


Remove FAILURE from your language

Why you should remove the word ‘FAILURE’ from your language. There is a problem with using the word failure. Your brain already has too many negative associations with that word. As a child you were often told you had passed or failed. For many, displays of love and acceptance by their parents, was dependant (At […]


There Is No Failure Only Feedback

There is no failure only feedback ~ So be gentle with yourself. You gain nothing by being harsh on yourself. No it doesn’t inspire greater levels of achievement. In most cases the result of excessive expectations on your self is that you shut down, play small, avoid risk and ultimately fail to achieve much at […]


Know in your heart

Know in your heart that what you believe about your world is foundational to who you are, a small exploration into many people’s beliefs quickly reveal inconsistencies and uncertainty. When you’re not sure what you believe in, even at a subconscious level. It will erode your confidence in your ability to trust in yourself or […]


Some People Just Don’t Get It

Why do some people think I should believe in everything they believe? Some People Just Don’t Get It. It’s not enough that I have to just listen to their opinion I have to agree with it; I have to agree with it or they won’t shut up. They use there opinions like a baseball bat […]


A Story Of Frustration

Have you ever felt stuck inside your own head? If you have you might like to hear about Jan (Not her real name), a client of mine, who came to see me recently, to let me know how her life was going and what she’s learnt in the 12 months since we worked together. You […]

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