Fake it or make it

Have you ever heard people say “You have to fake it, till you make it”?

I’m sure you have and if you’re like me you also thought, what a load of rubbish, I’m not a faker and there’s no way I’m gunna do that. I’d rather not make it than have people think of me as a faker (Or a – Add expletive here).
And I say, good onya. Don’t be conned into thinking you have to be a fake. That’s crap and you know it.
Still, there seems to be something in it. A lot of successful people exude a confidence that others don’t have.
And there’s the dilemma.
But what if your confidence came not from your successes, but from you simply being on the journey?
The young boy or girl going out to bat for the under 13’s cricket team, who is dreaming of one day walking out onto the MCG on Boxing Day, wearing the baggy green hat. Are they faking it?
The young boy getting bloodied and bruised on a cold muddy paddock in some small country town, while dreaming of one day, proudly holding up the winner’s trophy cup at the end of an AFL Grand Final. Are they faking it?
Of course not. We would scorn anyone who suggested that.
Will that young child going out to play their chosen sport, play better if they have confidence in themselves?
Of course they will and we would encourage them to believe in themselves, believe in their dream.
So why do we tell our children that if it isn’t true for us?
Either it is good advice or it isn’t.
I will never stop encouraging people to believe in themselves, be confident, go for their dreams and enjoy the journey regardless. Whether you are 4, 14, 49 or 99. It makes no difference. The right thing is always the right thing.

Be confident where you’re at and take pride in being on the journey. No faking it, just making it.