How To Do Anything

Here’s how you can change almost anything in your business, in the next twelve months

As a small business owner or manager, what goes on between your ears is the single most important thing in your business.

You’ve probably heard the saying

“whether you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”. ~ Henry Ford

What are you telling yourself you can’t do?

Is it that you can’t afford to spend money on advertising?

Is it that you can charge more because you’ll lose business?

Is it that you’re too busy already?

Is it that this is as good as it gets?

Is it that the economy is stuffed?

Is it I’m too old/young?

What, Hu Hum “Half-truths” are you telling yourself that let you off the hook and justify why, you can’t do things differently?

If a friend came to you in exactly your position and said I have a problem, I can’t _________________________________________ (Just fill in the blank with what your excuse is), what would you say to them?

How To Do Anything

The only thing then, standing between you and knowing How To Do Anything, is what you are telling yourself. Are you defending why that just isn’t so in my “special” case right now?

Almost nothing can’t be changed. The only question then is how long will this take and how much effort?

We tend to take our problems and put them in the middle of a maze and imagine there’s at best, only one possible exit, when in reality there are always other exits , we just don’t know they’re there.

Step by step then we’re going to challenge ourselves and break through these walls of limiting beliefs and start to imagine the previously unimaginable.

So here’s How To Do Anything

Privately, (without telling anyone), allow yourself to imagine, what you could achieve in the next 12 months? Start piecing together a picture of what could be.

You can do this physically with photographs and clippings and make a vision board. You can start sticking photos on the kitchen fridge, or you can spend some quiet time using your own imagination to construct your own image.

The secret is not to just do a quick sketch and move on. The power lies in creating a fabulously detailed picture. One so real you can taste it, feel it, smell it and hear it.

Keep asking yourself questions like; What colour is it? What else can I see? How big is it? Who else is there? What can I hear there, what can I smell there? What does it look like inside/outside? What is happening there? Where in the world is it? What else can you see? What else? What else? What else?

Go one step further

Be relentless. Compared to many of the truly meaningless things we all occupy our minds with like cat videos and buy and sell posts, this work is truly precious. I know people who have used this process to completely transform their lives.

This not some mystical power we’re calling on here or even the law of attraction although I don’t discount them either. This exercise alone will have a profound and life changing effect if you do the homework.

Don’t allow limiting beliefs to hold you back, remember the original question was, “what COULD you achieve?” not why you can’t.

If everything fell into place and your ducks all lined up, what is possible for you?

Live it, breathe it, dream about it at night and during the day. Hold your vision of it in front of your eyes all the time.

If you’re comfortable with it, share your vision with a trusted partner or friend. If not just keep it to yourself for now. As it starts to manifest, people will be able to see your vision and can come alongside you on your journey or not, either way it’s OK.

Get really good at this and you will be able to do anything!