Do people or circumstances create you problems?

Vital ChangeCoaching is common practice in business and every type of sport. So What Is Life Coaching? Well, the same principles apply to personal coaching or “life coaching”. A Coach is there to help you get the best possible performance out of yourself. 

Using a coach does not imply a lack of ability or weakness.
I believe that most people are born perfect. When you were a baby you knew how to love, laugh, be adventurous and learned easily. Sadly life sometimes forces people to become defensive and it teaches us to think in ways that don’t allow us to perform at our best.

To go back to the sporting analogy, we would never accept that you only need a coach if you’re not very good. In fact, it’s usually the case that the better you are, the more valuable and important the coaching becomes. No elite sportsman or team would dream of thinking “I’m pretty good now I’ll just figure the rest out myself”. You don’t need to feel broken before you look to do better. That’s like waiting for a heart attack before you stop smoking.

What Is Life CoachingA coach doesn’t play the game for the player.
A coach compliments the work of the athlete. He sits on the sideline, looking for ways to help him improve, looking for areas to work on and techniques to try. He works with the player to challenge him, he sets out training schedules, he shares his experience, insights, and wisdom, he will bring encouragement and keep the athlete accountable when he faces difficult or discouraging times. He is a confidant and a friend who understands the struggle hard work and effort required for success.


What does a LIFE COACH do? 

What Is Life CoachingFirstly, provide a confidential and judgment-free environment for you to explore and express your private thoughts so you can really get a clear idea of precisely what issues you’re facing. Very often the things we think are our problem turn out not to be. We have to explore and get the real issues in order to effectively resolve them.
Once we define and clearly understand what needs to change we can use various strategies to bring that change about. Contained within my training as a life coach are many different tools and techniques. The purpose of all these tools is to shine a light on areas of thinking and any beliefs that hold us back and then create a change to more useful or resourceful thinking. Thinking that leads to expanded options and possibilities. Thinking that makes life lighter, easier, more exciting, and healthier. We may not be able to change the world but we can change our world. We can change the way we do life by changing the way we think and feel. As we change the way we think and feel we can change the way we experience life and in turn the way life treats us. We can create a different future regardless of our past. Can you really change the way you think? Definitely

What Life Coaching isn’t.
It isn’t any form of brainwashing or mind hack. You are in complete control.
It isn’t risky, nothing happens without your knowledge and consent.
It isn’t religious or spiritual unless you bring your own beliefs into it.
It isn’t expensive it is INVALUABLE.

Paul Webster © 2019