My Authentic Story

At the start of my journey, I was learning for my benefit but now I realize there are thousands of people who struggled with the same things I did. Now everything I’d struggled with in my life, and the mistakes I’d made, had a purpose. They qualified me to help others. Help them build the confidence and self-esteem they need, and some of the business skills they need to create their own business, pursue their dreams, create the level of income they want and love doing what they do.

Hi, I’m Paul Webster, Business Owner, Blogger, Author, and Coach. That wasn’t always the case though. A few years ago I found myself with no passion for my business, no job, no savings and little superannuation.

Paul WebsterFear, or as I preferred to call it “a lack of confidence”, meant I tended to place a low value on myself, and my work. Undervaluing myself meant that despite years of hard work I had little to show for it.

I was terrible with my finances and was always putting other people’s needs in front of my own. My health was poor. My wife had passed away a few years earlier after a long battle with cancer and without her, I struggled to find my purpose.

I asked myself these questions;

What is my mission in life?

What do I want my business to be? 

The answers didn’t come like a lightning bolt or tremendous Ah Ha moment even though I wished they would. No, I studied, read, and attended courses. I took a Diploma in Life Coaching, a Cert IV in Small business management and I signed up for every internet Guru’s course I could find. I spent thousands on online courses, attended video university, webinars, and seminars.

It was a challenging process to get a place where I could say “I’ve looked inside myself and I’m happy with what I found”.

Paul Webster ~ Mindset Ninja

Paul Webster

I have been a student of personal development all my life. I love to learn and talk about personal development. I’ve also been in business most of my life and love the freedom and lifestyle it offers. I had accumulated years of teachings, learnings, and experiences that eventually built up, one after the other, until I reached the point where I realized I had value to give and I could teach others from my experiences. I just needed to step up and reach out to the people I could serve by sharing what I’d learnt.

Now I felt empowered because I’d found my purpose. If you’re still not certain about yours, I’d love to talk that over with you and maybe share some of the things I’ve learnt along the way.